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Short Description About The Clash of Clans Game:
Clash of Clans is an epic battle strategy game. Build your village, train your troops, fight with thousands of other online players and bring your clan to victory! 

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Here is what they write official sources: "The Clash of the Clans is a fascinating blend of strategic planning and competitive fast-paced battles. Raise an army of Barbarians, War Wizards, Dragons and other powerful fighters. Join a clan of players and improve their ranks, or create your own clan to challenge the throne of the kingdom. Return of the goblins is just the first step - your quest is not over until your clan will not reign supreme over the other!"

The Clash of Clans Description in Detail:
Well, if shorter, the meaning - as in any self-respecting strategy: to develop all his own, grab someone else's, to find allies and conquer all - in the end.

Toy combines classic gathering and the need to think of a real-time, as a certain level in the "offline" play gets boring, you have to jump into the multiplayer and look for trouble among the huge number of players at different levels, eager to take all the accumulated wealth and destroy the building. Just do not be put off - in raids most of the game and the incentive to think and develop all on! Especially, there is an option to take revenge.

Joining the clan has a number of advantages: first, the clan will allow you not to think about the stakes in the army, as the clan warriors occupy separate staging areas. Secondly, co-op usually willingly respond to a request to share the soldiers, who can not only attack, but to defend the base in case of attack.

You can write a lot, but it's best to try to play fair! The game captures striking, impressive - just like the unique (if you're a lover of strategies). In addition to all of the above - protected places on the Internet where you can find a lot of useful information, tips on the topic of "how to do not spend money on the game" to examples of concrete placement of buildings on the map, discussion of clans and stuff. Well, friends, and myself. Just do not forget that all these delights you will get only if a permanent Internet connection. Install, play and win!

The Clash of Clans Game Features:
Free to Play
14 unique units with multiple levels of modernization.
Turn your village into an invincible fortress.
Unite with other players to form the best clan.
Fight against players from all over the world and win their Victory Points.
Protect your village with guns, turrets, mortars, traps, bombs and walls.
Battle with the Goblin King in an epic campaign throughout the state.
Note: This game requires a network connection

About The Game Clash of Clans:
Game For: iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch
Requires iOS: 4.3 or later.
Developer: SuperCell.
Price: Free.
Compatible Devices: All iPhone, iPad and iPod touch having iOS 4.3 or later.
Download Type: App Store to iOS device | ipa file to computer or iOS device. 
Game Genre: iOS Strategy GamesiOS Fighting GamesiOS Online Games.

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