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VLC Media Player Description for iOS:
VLC Media Player still was approved by the AppStore censors and got to the store. The proposed product will allow to owners of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to view videos in various popular formats without prior conversion to mp4.

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formats. Users will be able to reproduce not only the widespread AVI files and DIVX, but also videos in less popular formats. By the way, as reported by the developers of this application, conducted app testing during movie playback, it drains the battery a bit slower than the built-in video player of iOS device.

In addition, iOS version of the application is different then the desktop VLC media player exceptional ease of use. To add clips to a playlist users simply drag the files to a personal library of iTunes (unfortunately, the addition of folders with video is not supported). When running the application will generate a set of sketches with footage from videos, neatly arranged on shelves virtual video library.

Along with the sketch will be offered to the user's attention and other useful information about the videos, such as the file name, the length of the fragment and the screen resolution and high definition (HD) video will be marked with an icon. To play the selected track enough to touch the finger sketch. Even if there is no confidence in the successful playback of a file, the player will allow the user to take a try at your own risk.

Some Important Info About VLC Media Player:
Application for: iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch
Developer: VideoLAN
App Price: Free
Download Types: App Store | ipa File
Requirements: VLC player requires iPhone(3GS, 4, 4S and 5), iPod Touch(3rd generation, 4th generation, 5th generation) and all iPad having 5.1 or higher iOS.
Category: iOS Media Players 

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